Bellhy Family Point Total Nearing 4,000 at W&J

By Justin Zackal


Senior Beka Bellhy is currently 6th all-time in scoring at W&J.

The Bellhy family combined for 59 points Wednesday night, including two Bellhys scoring their season highs.

Senior Beka Bellhy scored a season-best 30 points in the Washington & Jefferson women’s basketball team’s 87-72 win at Geneva, while brother Nate Bellhy, a senior at California (Pa.), bucketed 17, his most of the year, in the Vulcans’ 71-65 home win over Pitt-Johnstown. Sophomore Rachel Bellhy scored 12 points for W&J as well, just four days after her season high of 22 vs. Chatham.

Adding up the Bellhy family points is a fun exercise, especially for those at W&J where the family point total is 3,905 entering the weekend.

“I actually had no idea,” said Nate, whose Cal U points aren’t included in that total since he transferred from W&J. “That’s kind of awesome to have 4,000 points combined in the family at one school. ”

“I think it’s really cool,” Beka said. “I’m proud of that, but (…) I’m just not paying attention to that until after the season, but I think it’s cool.”

Oldest brother Zach Bellhy (1,504), who played for the Presidents from 2009-13, ranks fourth in W&J men’s history and Beka is sixth (1,364 and counting) in W&J women’s history. Nate (812) played two years at W&J after transferring from Seton Hill, but before finishing his eligibility at Cal U this year while pursuing a graduate degree. Rachel (225) is just getting started in her second season.

“The Bellhy family name is W&J basketball around here,” said W&J women’s coach Jina DeRubbo. “You think of W&J basketball when you think of them.”

Right now, Beka is racking up the most numbers as the leading scorer in the PAC with 17.0 points per game.

“Beka has definitely taken a leadership role on that team,” said Nate, who has made it to a few of his sisters’ games this year despite his busy schedule. “She goes out and tries hard every game to do what she can to help her team win.”

Entering this weekend, the Presidents are 17-3 overall and 12-1 in the PAC.

“Beka’s been so great this year,” DeRubbo said. “Her scoring but (also) her leadership. Beka is one of the most competitive people I’ve ever met. She refuses to lose. She’s just elevated her game this year in terms of making the people around her better.”

That includes Rachel, who is averaging 8.6 points this year, but with double figures in eight of her last 10 games.

Nate Bellhy played two seasons at W&J.

Nate Bellhy played two seasons at W&J.

“It’s really fun to play with her,” Beka said. “We just know, more so than anyone else, where we are on the court, so I can just turn and throw a pass and you know she’s going to be there to make it.”

This is the same connection Nate had with Zach. A reason why Nate transferred to W&J was to play alongside his older brother.

“Oh, yeah, definitely,” Nate said. “Just being able to have him around all the time whenever we’re just shooting in the driveway or going out to play open gym somewhere, you have an opportunity to play with your sibling more than you do with the rest of your team.”

The Bellhys have enough to field a team when you include Tina, a high school basketball player who’s now a freshman volleyball player at Cal U. However, Nate said they don’t play as family other than the occasional shoot-around in the driveway.

And they could easily outfit a team with W&J apparel.

“Yeah, me and my brother will get our shirts mixed up every once in awhile,” Nate said. “Beka has the most because she’s been there the longest. But we all have our fair share.”

They have a fair share of points, too.